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Legal Stuff/Statement – (also known as Terms and Conditions and summary Privacy Notice)

What does this cover?

As I’m only a struggling artist and can’t afford expensive legal costs and advice, I avoid legalese in this legal statement, but I hope that it provides the necessary clarity to ensure all parties are aware of their respective rights and responsibilities.

How we look after your personal details?

I’m not in the business of marketing to people and contacting them without good reason.  I’m only going to keep your contact details for the purposes of sending any purchased art to you.   I will not store your details unless you tell me that you would like to hear from me.   

I will never share your details with others, except the courier company and I will keep your details to myself otherwise.  

I respect people’s data protection rights and if you have any concerns or questions about how I manage your personal data please contact me at

What rights do you have?

By making an offer for my artwork that I accept, a quote for delivery will be added to your order and a contract will be formed – subject to your compliance with said costs I will dispatch. This contract comes with some other rights as listed below:

  • Cancellation – if you are based in the UK or EU then you have the right to cancel up to 14 days after you take delivery of the art – ‘the cooling-off period’.
  • Refund – if the art is damaged upon receipt, it’s likely to be the fault of the courier who will be ensured and so you can help us get a refund to you by providing any photos of any damage.  We will then arrange for a refund to be sent at the earliest opportunity.  

What expectations do we have?

We have some conditions as part of our sale to you as listed below:

  • Cancellation – you should notify us of your intention to cancel at the earliest opportunity in writing via email at   Any notices to cancel received after 14 days aren’t likely to be subject to a refund but we can always see what we can do.
  • Returns – you would need to arrange for any artwork to be returned at your cost in the event you cancel, however where there is damage caused by a courier, we will arrange for costs of any delivery to be reimbursed.
  • Whilst any returns may not be wanted, we would respectfully ask you to return and package as carefully as you can.
  • We will advise on the best methods to return if cancel or the art is damaged.  Our contact details are listed below.
  • Intellectual Property Rights – you have not purchased the right to reproduce any art acquired in the various possible forms.  I expect you to respect that an artist still owns the intellectual property rights of their creation.
  • Payment – once an offer has been accepted, we will notify you of your success and expect payment within 12 days via Cash, Bank Transfer, or Paypal.  Once payment has been received, we will arrange for delivery to you at a specified address.

How to contact us if you have any questions or complaints or want to return your art where damaged, etc?