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Born 1975

David Charles Williams, cross-pollination Artist living and working in the UK. Represented mostly in New York and London. Educated in Clifton College, Bristol, eventually where he would return years later to study and get into the Bristol Music scene. This is where music entered his life more than before. Massive Attack and Portishead come to mind as well as visiting underground dance acts like Doc Martin, Sneak, MAW and Roger Sanchez.

Williams studied Fashion, Film, Fine Art, then Camp America and up to Hertfordshire University to study SSAM(Software System for Arts and Media) and finally back to Cardiff to complete modules in Graphics. Passing most modules with distinction.

The Centred paintings came about in 2008 and Exhibited from 2009 in select shows. Galleries would usually come to him before he came to them. Lloyd Gill Gallery started his carrier, so Williams helped develop a new website for the large roster of Artists that passed through. Next, onto London Brick Lane Gallery. And the beat goes on…

“Inspired by ‘Nature’ and the Nature of ‘Self’.”

Music and nature have been a lifeline in times of struggle with his mental and physical health. Land Artists Richard Long and Andrew Goldsworthy influenced him in times of struggle in the 90s. Listening to music and producing music helped him pass of time when a spinal cord injury put him on bed rest for 6 months. Also, daydreaming and hallucinating on a drug concoction. Images of the human figure, fantasy, and friends, real and imagined. Figureitive, symbolic, surrealism, cubism, abstraction, minimalism, and many isms to boot played into his imaginative thinking. Many a story from that experience which he recalls vividly. ‘Inconceivable reality’ as he so eloquently put it. Even as real as a dark night sky or the shining sun.

Leaving no stone unturned. Always reading the visual and emotional more so than literal, as he has severe dyslexia which frustrated him greatly. All he wanted to do was read books and understand the World. So he relied on absorbing images in books. No Instagram then thankfully. Never even got detected as dyslexic until his final year in university scoring in the reading age of a 7-year-old yet in the top 3% for Spacial Awareness in the UK. All that private education and it took till he was 26 to get tested. Apparently, his spacial awareness overcompensated his weaker abilities.

Growing up Williams was very sporty and almost joined the British Ski Team. According to his brother his, Father wanted to send him to F1 School in France. He straight flat dismissed it to make are in nature as pollutants pissed him off so fast cars burning rocket fuel is a massive attack against his then lifeline. Then, surfing became the backbone to make him train and in the most extreme times, he did CrossFit 5 days a week for almost a year until a car accident and hospitalization ended it. Que Tracy Chapman and the fast cars and a revolution. One of many car crashes that put him in hospital. Now overweight and less active especially since broken neck. Many war wounds he has, I know. His extreme nature was prevalent in all he did. Even the depression he suffers is extreme. I kid you not. The highs are destructive whereas to lows are debilitating. It’s a fine line. Art stepped in and saved his life over and over. If only Charle Patrik could have been more hospitable. Some guy from Samual Owen. Nice guy but a little brainwashed I think. I love him dearly. He got Williams a step toward collision and priced me out of my own market.

“I owe it to the Gods to make better work that speaks fathoms and bank notes”

Talking of bank notes, why not bib on a painting or support the Artist with what you can afford and what will make both parties happy with the exchange? If you eventually decide to make an offer and it’s accepted a legal pack will be presented to cover both parties. Any questions please email the Artist All communications are strictly kept private and confidential and I will not share bids or leak data. Please refer to the Ts+Cs.

“I love my work when it works. I’ve gone through 10’s of thousands of pounds on waist even good paintings destroyed. Helps the process and start afresh.

God Bless the Good

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